Shark Week!!!


shark        Well, we had shark week last week and so much has been learned by marine biologists. They all work very hard to protect shark life and all marine life in our vast and amazingly beautiful undersea world.

I always enjoyed watching ocean life on Discovery and other channels but never really understood the importance of sharks until I started watching Shark Week a few years ago. I used to think, “fish just eat each” or “if sharks attack people why do we need them. Let them die off.” Such ignorance on my part. 

Or am I just unknowledgeable about ocean life? Me and thousands of other people.

Like most people, I had many concerns and questions regarding the shark attacks on people along the shorelines around the world. There are many reasons this is happening in recent years, more so than ever before. I can’t possibly list them all, you would have to do the research yourself, or better yet…..Watch Discovery Channel!!

But what scares us about sharks? I know what scares me…I can’t see underneath the water. I don’t know what’s under my feet and that terrifies me as well as their size, teeth, blood, loss of limbs and life. They are big and we are small. They are only protecting their home. Same as we would do if someone were to break into our houses. Be it a gun or a bat and dialing 911. Wouldn’t you do the same? Most of us would protect ourselves and our family.

They want food and they are curious, we are in their home, making noise and splashing, global warming and environmental changes as well as abuse by people who fish and exploit these sharks. They take what they want from the sharks and leave them to die in the ocean. Or they fish them for money. These fish and mammals need to be respected.

Our oceans need to be protected to preserve ocean life. To remove any part of any marine life would upset the balance. Each feed off each other which causes each species to continue to grow. That is the natural order of things. If this doesn’t happen, there would be too much of one species and not much of others. If their lives were protected, underwater species would flourish. Like they do in Cuba and Cocos Island near Costa Rica. Underwater life is gorgeous!

What really blew my mind this week is DNA. The above link will tell you the story. The marine team was able to get DNA from the sharks. What they discovered was unbelievable.  

….to determine whether great white sharks in Vizcaino Bay in Baja, Mexico, were related as parent-offspring or siblings to the sharks in Guadalupe Island, about 240 miles west of the bay….

They discovered that within the young pup sharks in that area, there were 2 sets of sibling pup sharks. A brother and a sister and two brothers. The best part of this is that these sets of siblings were born at different times AND to the same mother and father shark! Are sharks monogamous?  How do they find each other again? Do they return to that same area to give birth each time? Amazing. 

This is just one step closer to understanding what goes on beneath our ocean’s surface. The more they learn, the more we understand which will help sharks feed in their natural waters and maybe find a way to protect all species as well as people who visit their waters along the shorelines. 

They live so we can live. It’s a beautiful world. 





I Got Recognized!


snoopy author


Hi Guys!

The greatest thing happened to me last week. I am a merchandiser for a greeting card company and I was in the store I usually work in talking to a manager. My last name came up in conversation and she turned to me and asked, “Are you the writer?”

I have a car magnet on both sides of my jeep with my name on it and she noticed it the day prior. This was unexpected to me but at the same time, I was elated inside.

I said yes, and she was so happy because she was telling her friend about me, who is an aspiring writer as well. She saw my jeep and magnet in the parking lot the prior day when I worked the store but didn’t realize I was the writer.

She got in touch with her friend the writer, we talked and I gave him some advice on some of the things I had been doing to start my writing career. We are all friends now.

It feels so good to be able to help someone out, not to mention being recognized for my car magnet!

It’s not the first time my car magnet was put to work. Two other people approached me because they had seen me in my jeep the previous day and saw me in the diner and the other saw me in the parking lot!

Thanks Yvonne and Marc!

Marc Alexander

This could get to be a lot of fun!  🙂




Rookie Killer by Judi Wallower, is a detailed and intriguing fictional account of Ohio’s first female serial killer that’s told as a narrative by the killer herself.

The novel begins with the main character, 34-year-old Randi Nolan, locked up in Walkashaw State Prison in Montana unraveling how she got there and bragging about how she and her lawyer were able to keep her off of death row. She has a lot of stories to tell having killed 12 individuals qualifying her as the first female serial killer in the state of Ohio. The book is replete with details of the various killings and how Randi actually felt as she committed the murders.

Wallower’s foray into writing from the perspective of the actual killer will be fascinating reading for those who wonder what makes a serial killer tick. This fictional serial killer is probably an excellent representation of the coldness and sickness that dwells in these depraved individuals. What led them into a life of depravity is the big question, but regardless of what it was, it can’t exonerate them from their actions. Wallower’s character shows little remorse for her crimes, which could be a result of the gruesome killings she witnessed as a teenager and the abuse she endured as a child.

Randi’s family created by Wallower is a very twisted household. Her family is constantly a source of her rage and confusion.

Randi’s narrative, which shifts between bragging, emotional confessions and simple storytelling walks you through the events that led up to her incarceration.

Randi’s association and newfound friendship with fellow inmate Jax Murphy adds an element that allows the main character to tell her story more freely. Jax’ exuberance is the necessary element to counteract Randi’s reserved nature. Through her relationship with Jax, the reader is able to become intimately familiar with Randi’s background and a detailed account of her crimes.

With the co-mingling of Randi’s personal account and the involvement of Jax Murphy, Wallower has created a chilling page-turner that is sure to keep the reader involved until the very end.





“A truly original approach to the serial killer genre by a promising new writer. Rookie Killer is nothing less than a
terrifying descent into the mind of a serial killer. Part therapy session, part confessional,
the novel alternates between a casual conversation between the inmates and straight-up storytelling with ease. More fascinating
than how each murder took place is the motive, which stems, at least originally, from personal loss and morbid fascination
. Even better is Randi’s analysis of her attempts to evade capture, which inevitably border on narcissism.






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