Funny Christmas Story


21706842.thm.jpgMy husband and I get a real tree for Christmas. One year it came time to take the tree down and my husband was in the process of removing the lights and was about to take the tree outside when he called me into the room.

He told me to look underneath the tree, but I didn’t see anything. “Look closer,” he said. I did and much to my surprise what do you think I saw? Thousands of tiny praying mantises crawling around all over the place.

Apparently, there had been a nest in the tree and due to the warmth of the house throughout the Christmas season, the mantises hatched.

My husband tried hard to pick them up and let them loose outside but there were so many. Luckily they stayed where in the same area and with the exception of 2 or 3 mantises they didn’t scatter throughout the house. He got most of them outside and a few of them died. But wow, haha. That was funny.   🙂



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