An Explosive Start


kaboomJoe and I wanted to go fishing, so after the kids were on the school bus we packed up our “Sanford and Son” boat with our fishing rods, cooler with water, sandwiches, nightcrawlers, snacks, towels, tackle boxes, and the works. We set out for the new dock which was built the year before.

We pulled into the parking lot parallel to the river but not yet reaching the ramp so we can release the wench in the eyelet and black tie-down strap holding the boat on the trailer. Joe was on one side of the boat facing the parking lot and I was on the other side facing the river with my back to the parking lot.



We heard an enormously loud explosion. I was much closer to the sound than I cared to be.

“WHAT THE  #*^@ WAS THAT?!!”    Sounding much like Vincent Laguardia Gambini in “My Cousin Vinny” when the owl squealed, waking Vinny, causing him to shoot into the night air, and sauntering back into the cabin as if he took care of business.

I shouted to Joe. He told me to come to the other side of the boat so I would be away from the explosion. Turning our attention to the parking lot, we see debris spread out about 15 feet surrounding a pick-up truck and boat trailer. The debris was all sorts of tools belonging to who we surmised would be a mason by trade.

After calling the police, Joe walks towards the truck to check it out. Being a firefighter, he would be ok with that, me….not so much.

The truck had a silver toolbox attached to the back and more mason tools throughout. But something catches Joe’s eye. He found the source of the explosion.

A truck tire. Yes, it was a tire. It was hot that day and apparently, the tire heated up so much it exploded blowing many tools clear out of the back of the pick-up. Holy crap.

I had already had my coffee for the morning, I did not need an explosion to jump-start my heart.

The police came and we launched and went fishing.

What a way to start a day.

True Story!!

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